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Frequently asked questions about our service


What is OPUSHERO about?

OPUSHERO is the first digital marketplace for personnel bottlenecks in the hotel industry, gastronomy and retail trade. OPUSHERO networks the various sectors with freelancers as well as temporary employment agencies that place their own staff. Employers can place orders here with just a few clicks, which are suggested to suitable and available employees and freelancers (heroes). The possibility for temporary workers to look for attractive jobs in their field is also given.

To what extent does OPUSHERO differ from a temping agency?

OPUSHERO is a digital marketplace where freelancers and employees of temping agencies are networked with companies from the hotel industry, gastronomy and retail trade who need support in short- to medium-term staff recruitment. With OPUSHERO, companies can place new jobs quickly and easily, choose the right specialist for their mission and request their desired date. Staffing companies and temping agencies provide the specialists they employ for our employer network and profit from a better utilization, a variety of assignments as well as a holistic administration & accounting system.

Does the registration cost anything?

Registration & login via our login area is currently free of charge.

Can anyone register with OPUSHERO?

Technically, sure. Registration is particularly useful for the following groups of people from the hotel, gastronomy and retail sectors:

  • Freelancers, self-employed persons, freelancers who want to work flexibly and are in possession of a valid identity card & trade licence.
  • Entrepreneurs looking for qualified professionals to close bottlenecks or need flexible support (short & medium term)
  • Personnel specialists & service providers who place & manage their own personnel & are in possession of an employer transfer certificate.

What is a trade licence (single trade) and where do I get it?

You will receive a trade licence for natural persons when you register your own trade in order to be able to work independently and write invoices.

Depending on the federal state, a trade licence can be registered at the district or public order office, at the trade licensing office or issued by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Information about the local trade offices and fees can be found here (information without guarantee): https://www.gewerbeanmeldung.de/gewerbeamt/

How can I register?

Simply on our website. Freelancers, entrepreneurs & personnel service providers simply follow the individual registration process here. If there should be unexpected problems, we help gladly: registration@opushero.com

I have registered and have not received a verification email, what can I do?

Email is spelled correctly? Spam folder checked? Still: Nothing worked? Not so bad, we rush to help: registration@opushero.com

How does the distribution of job requests work?

Companies from the hotel, gastronomy and retail sectors are given the opportunity to place an order quickly and easily. Using intelligent matching, suitable freelancers and temporary workers are informed about new jobs, notified and can apply with just a few clicks and their meaningful profile by submitting an offer. The entrepreneur has the choice and can decide for one or more employees, our Heroes, on the basis of transparent evaluations, hourly wages and other qualifications.

How does time tracking work?

The hero checks in using the screening of a QR code, which must be visibly presented in the company, and starts his mission. After completion of the end time agreed in the order, the hero is automatically checked out and the order is finished. If the Hero’s support is needed for a longer period of time than the agreed deal, the company can – after prior consultation with the Hero – request an extension of the order. The hero can correct the working time later. After correcting the working time, the client must finally agree to this. This serves as the basis for invoicing on an hourly basis.

Leave feedback and ratings


How does the evaluation system work?

Employers have the possibility to award stars to the employee & leave a comment shortly after completion of the mission. To do this, simply log into your company account.

I have received a poor evaluation and do not find it justified. What can I do?

Our evaluation system is based on attributes such as punctuality and work motivation. If employees do not show up without excuse, arrive too late or do not carry out their work conscientiously, the employer has the possibility to note this with an evaluation, as the requirements for his request were not fulfilled. Before accepting the job, please deal with the employer’s request. Improve and you will get more jobs and increase your market value through your ratings!

Privacy & Data Security


Does OPUSHERO offer a secure service?

All registered employees are covered by liability insurance and verified on the basis of their identity card. All active freelancers in our network also have a valid trade licence. No matter who is suitable for your job: You compare informative and transparent evaluations of other employers & can rely on our support in terms of communication, organization & accounting.

How can I delete my data within the database?

Please send us an e-mail to datenschutz@opushero.com. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

What happens to my personal information and where is it saved?

Your personal details are stored for the use of our service, are saved securely and are only administered by OPUSHERO for job placement activities. We will not forward your details to third parties without your permission. For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

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