You receive daily calls from recruitment agencies that want to support you with their services?
Do you want to be able to manage the contact with your recruitment agencies in one place?
With Opushero Gatekeeper you don't lose any recruitment agencies, but give them an opportunity for cooperation on our platform

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How OPUSHERO Gatekeeper works

Erstellen Sie ein Personalgesuch
Integration on your website

The Gatekeeper registration page is customized to your corporate identity. It can be accessed through a button on your careers page or as a link in an email.

Erhalten Sie eine Kandidatenauswahl
Staffing agency registers

The staffing agency registers via the form and applies to work with your company. Opushero takes over the verification and qualification of these personnel staffing agencies.

Wählen & buchen Sie Ihre Kandidaten
Work with staffing agencies

As soon as you want to place orders with recruitment agencies, you can create them on the Opushero platform. The recruitment agencies can now start to attract suitable candidates for your company.

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Fach-oder Zeitarbeitskräfte

Save time

80% less time spent dealing with temporary staffing and recruitment agencies

Vergleichen Sie Ihre Angebote

Self-service registration

Staffing agencies register on their own and Opushero takes care of the onboarding.

Choice of service providers

Work only with staffing agencies that meet your criteria.

Certified service providers

Automatic verification of service providers by Opushero.

Give us 30 minutes and we'll give
you back 6 hours a week!

Berit Grabandt, Co-Founder

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